Maestro Sophie Vilker

________    Ms.  Sophie Vilker,  Master Teacher of Violin and Violin pedagogy

  • Longy School of Music,
  • New England Conservatory Prep,
  • Atlantic Union College,
  • Walnut Hill School for Arts

Concert violinist

Chamber orchestra and ensemble director

Chamber music coach and performer

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   Classya ™ is honored to offer the following Maestro's classes:

  • Real-Time Video violin lessons for  intermediate, advanced, college and adult musicians

  • Violin pedagogy live video seminars, interactive group sessions for string  teachers

  •  Real Time Online Seminar-master class “Stage Presence” for all performing instrumentalists including piano and voice

  • Group  sessions for advanced and college preparatory students,  adult musicians and college music students

  • Individual and chamber music coaching
  • Video master classes for advanced, prep students, college students and adult musicians

Classes of Maestro Sophie Vilker


Type of communication



Expected Students (Recommended)

SVO1.        Live interactive
(TrueRealTime two-way connection)
Video  violin lessons Advanced, prep., college students, adult professional and amateur musicians  
SV02.        Live interactive lecture/seminar “Exploring fundamentals of teaching,  helping to prevent common teaching and performance problems"

Posture, set up, work on intonation.  Practicing skills.
Violin teachers for professional development, college music students,
public school string teachers.

* 5-6 participants (two-way connection)
passive viewers or attendees (one-way connection) welcome
SV03.        Live interactive seminar-master class “Stage Presence”
The meaning of stage presence, Presenting yourself externally and internally.
Disclosing the meaning of the piece performed.
College students, advanced and prep.students,  and professional instrumentalists including piano and voice.
Recommended for
wide range of music teachers.
SV04.        Live interactive master class Individual and chamber music coaching Advanced, prep, and college  students, and adult young artist and aspiring amateur musicians.  
SV05.        Soloist / Group Performance TRT live concerts online Soloist or group concert performance True-Real-Time (TRT) online All of the above  

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