"..Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is never enough for music".

Sergei Rachmaninov,

We truly believe that "music should be a part of a child's upbringing and that it aids them not only in other areas of education but it contributes to their make-up of being  'well-rounded' individuals in life. It introduces them to cultural  values that many children of today miss out on throughout their entire life" (from the letter of the"Classya" parent).
All children deserve a chance to discover their talents and to explore the world through sound
 and rhythm.


At "ClassyaMusic", we offer private and small group instruction to students ages 3 through adult, at all levels,
including mentoring young teachers.

Good music is timeless. 
We teach music of the major historical periods and of a variety of styles and nationalities.
Our singers, both in private lessons and in the chorus, sing songs in different languages.

While every student has an individualized curriculum and studies at his own pace, we offer merit, performance and competitive opportunities, from in-studio performance lessons to honor recitals and competitions, sponsored by Music Teachers State and National Associations. Our students have performed in Honor Recitals at Carnegie Hall, in festivals and community recitals in the states
of Pennsylvania, California and Maryland.
  Every person interested in studying music is welcome to the studio upon space availability.