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Skylark choir

"Skylark-2 "
Children’s Choir
for ages 6-12

"He who sings, scares away his woes"


  This new program offers a fun way for our piano and guitar students to enhance their musicianship and artistic skills and our new and existing voice students can explore part singing and performance opportunities. Singing in a small chorus has proven to be very effective for children's vocal development. It provides a supportive and engaging artistic environment while allowing every individual talent to shine and flourish. We believe that every child can learn to sing beautifully.
Choral singing is like a plentiful soil that can nourish a young person with these great nutrients:
  • A sense of unity for the artistic idea or goal
  • Listening, self control, and ensemble skills
  • Healthy voice and breathing habits
  • Language and appreciation of poetry in music
  • Memory and diction, spelling and articulation
  • The thrill of making music together
Repertoire will include popular Disney and movie songs, show tunes, classical, contemporary and folk songs (some in foreign languages), rounds, holiday songs, choral compositions and more. Advanced piano and guitar students can serve as accompanists. Parents are welcome to participate at any time!


These activities are part of each lesson:

  • Singing and projection games
  • Ear training and rhythm
  • Conducting
  • Elements of drama and choreography
Home school groups are welcome.The choir will meet in small groups of 5-6 students  for 50 min session once a week.  For performances we will schedule combined rehearsals at a local church building in Gaithersburg.

Fee: $12 to $15 per class depending on the size of the group and the length of the session. Discounts may apply to students taking private lessons, siblings, and to home schoolers.

Please feel free to contact Mrs. Mirvis if you have any questions. Click on Instruments and Voice, and visit our Video page and Learn and Hear collection  to learn more.




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