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Early Childhood Music and Movement for ages 2-5

Over the past few decades, early childhood music has become an important field in music education.  The child's first acquaintance with music, for centuries provided by mothers and grandmothers, is now offered by specially trained  professionals.
Parents and educators agree that in order to grow harmoniously in this technological world,  young children should be involved in creating, doing music and socializing through music and play
Spontaneous learners and amazing imitators, children of this age quickly absorb information and grow as individuals.  Every child wants to create his own song, picture, sand castle...
Music is a wonderful means for self-expression and  it also aids  them in acquiring essential skills for future success  in learning. 
Our program helps discover the joy of learning and music making through the variety of gently structured activities. Parent participation supports the child's progress as they explore together.


"AM STARS" morning groups of 4-6 students for ages 2-5

  • Singing, accompanied by an acoustic guitar
  • Rhythm, rhymes, and singing games
  • Music making with Orff xylophones, tone bars and small percussion instruments
  • Creative movement (with balls, streamers, drums, etc.), exposure to folk and classical music
  • Occasional art projects that pertain to the topic
Fall 2009 groups are being formed. Please contact us for details. To learn more about Orff approach to music education, click here.

"DO- RE- MI KIds" pre-piano class for ages 4-5

Integrated approach, teaching fundamentals of music through the use of games, songs, poems, in a private or small group setting
  • Singing and playing simple arrangements
  • Playing short solo songs and ensembles
  • Rhythm and language activities, coordination of speech and movement
  • Beginning notation
  • Students create own "music books" to practice at home.