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Philosophy and Commitment to Quality Teaching


We strongly believe, that children should be introduced to music at an early age.

First, it is simply expression, explored through involvement in music making, listening, and movement.

Notation and theory concepts are introduced gradually and treated as a means for better understanding of music media. It is similar to learning a language.

Music belongs in our souls and our imagination. We master technical skills to  be able to play "music, not the instrument" (Anonymous).  It is the uniqueness of the students, their creative, cognitive and artistic potential that eventually becomes showcased as they explore the world through sound and rhythm.

The study of music is a continuing process. It is an endless journey of  discovery which the student and the teacher begin together and which the student will continue on his own.

We can guarantee success to those students who commit to their lessons and practice thoughtfully at home. Regular attendance goes hand in hand with mastery of the work, bringing about a great excitement and joy upon that discovery.

It teaches good discipline, responsibility and shows dedication while making both the teacher's and the student's work efficient and productive.

Sharing music with others is an essential part of the learning experience. A recital is a lesson of a special kind. Stage presence and confidence can be developed like any other skill.

Comprehensive music education includes much more than learning to play an instrument. Music appreciation, knowledge of history and great musicians, styles, and genres, as well as the ability to analyze, express thoughts, and share impressions are all equally important in making for a culturally educated individual.

Music is a lifestyle.



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