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 Welcome to Classya Music Studio and Classya Online Academy of Music.

Unified by the same name, both institutions were created based on the same philosophy and have similar missions while offering services to very diverse student audiences.  We believe that music is an art of communicating human values, that it connects people of different cultures and generations, and educates them without age limit.

 Whether you are a parent of a curious preschooler, a music teacher at the beginning of your career, or an aspiring student preparing for a competition,  explore our site and you will find a program that can help lead you to success.

We cherish the traditions of classical music, that took nearly a millennium to develop, and we feel it is an obligation of this generation of teachers, who live and work at the crossroad of the centuries, to preserve these  traditions and to pass them to the new generation. We value and teach music of other genres and styles, and promote innovation in teaching, creating music, and technology.

Started as a small private music studio in Santa Monica, CA more than fifteen years ago, Classya now continues to grow in two directions: Classya Music Studio in N. Potomac/Rockville, MD , where students of different ages study piano, voice and classical/acoustic guitar, and the Online Academy of Music, subdivided  into three divisions:  Kids and Parents Conservatory,  Teacher Training Institute, and   The School of Professional Mastery with Online Concert Hall underway.

We are fortunate to have musicians of the highest range join our Online Academy "Maestrat".  Dedicated to the art and to their audiences,  they share their knowledge, talent and love for music with great enthusiasm, whether working with children, training teachers or coaching concert artists.

I hope you enjoy your visit on our site. You are welcome to contact us and to use our Forum for communication.


Asya Mirvis, the Founding Director