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It's easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself.
J.S. Bach

Our students are ages pre-school through adult, beginners through advanced levels. The prospective students are welcome to schedule an introductory meeting with the teacher to select a program and to discuss method books, repertoire, expectations, commitment and communication, and other related issues.

Most children can successfully begin piano lessons around the age of 4-6. Younger students have the option of taking pre-piano lessons individually or in a small group ("DO-RE-MI-Kids"), or  Music and Movement ("AM Stars") class.

Along with the best method books available for for young beginners, Ms. Mirvis includes original songs and pieces, and material for improvisation, engaging  young students in  active, fun learning and creative music making.

Private lessons for ages 6 through adult

Individualized programs may combine various method lesson books, supplemental repertoire books (Classical, Popular or Jazz), theory book or sheets, duets, original arrangements for music making and sheet music selections from various publishers. Students' creativity is encouraged through  improvisation  and easy composition tasks. Advanced students celect piano literature and technique books, and composer editions.

Pre-piano small group lessons for ages 4 - 6 (2 - 3 students per group) Do-RE-MI KIds

If you wish your child to try piano lessons, this program is the right choice. 

During  40 - 45 minute lessons children explore the world of music  through artistic listening, singing, interactive music making, fun rhythm and notation activities, playing simple duets and solo pieces. Children of this age usually enjoy singing syllable names of the notes (Do, Re, Mi..). Later they easily learn the letter names of the notes.

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